Recipe: Tasty Nutella Pops

Nutella Pops

Nutella pops. What’s the most popular thing for a party? It’s almost certainly not a traditional pudding or biscuits, so it’s no wonder that Nutella Pops is so popular. Nutella is an Italian chocolate spread that’s become one of the world’s most popular confections. It doesn’t just taste good, it’s also incredibly addictive, so much so that people have been known to eat as much as they want!

Nutella Pops

How can you make these sweet, sticky Nutella Pops? In a pan, mix the nutmeg, cocoa powder, and sugar. Stir until everything is blended together. Next, pour over one cup of milk and mix the mixture until the mixture bubbles. When these bubbles stop, add a tablespoon of melted chocolate into the mix.

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Nutella Pops

Mix the remaining ingredients until the mixture is smooth and creamy – remember to leave some room for the nutmeg. If you don’t feel like stirring all that mess up again, you can put the Nutella pops into the freezer and let them harden in there for about half an hour. They should still be quite runny after that. Then pop them into a piping bag and decorate. You can choose from many different shapes; you could even use chocolate flowers to go with the Nutella flavour!

You can cook Nutella pops using 5 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it. Print

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Nutella Pops

Tasty Nutella Pops

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  • Author: Lillie Arnold @ Cookpad
  • Prep Time: 38 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 1 Hour
  • Total Time: 1 hour 38 minutes
  • Yield: 1 1x


Nutella Pops. What’s the most popular thing for a party? It’s almost certainly not a traditional pudding or biscuits.



  1. You need 1 of jimjam biscuits.
  2. You need 200 gram of nutella.
  3. You need of Decoration balls.
  4. Prepare 2 tbs of milk.
  5. It’s of Sticks.


  1. Step1: Take 1 jimjam biscuit and grind it.
  2. Step2: Using milk make dough.
  3. Step3: Make balls.
  4. Step4: Add sticks.
  5. Step5: Now deep into nutella.
  6. Step6: Add deration balls.
  7. Step7: Super yummy and healthy enjoy with your friends during picnic.
  • Category: Popular Recipes
  • Cuisine: American

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The possibilities for your own homemade Nutella-filled biscuits are almost endless. You can even take these delicious treats to work with you! If you’re planning on making a batch, keep a supply of them in the office freezer just in case someone forgets about their favourite treat, or when they need to feed someone at work.

Nutella Pops

It’s always a good idea to put some kind of filling on your Nutella biscuits. This can be anything from chocolate to nuts to seeds. Just remember to fill them with milk or cream before you put anything else in. Chocolate covered peanut butter or jelly sandwich is always welcomed, as is one made with a banana and strawberries!

Biscuits and Creme Brule: Creme Brule is usually served with vanilla custard, and some kind of fruit topping. The topping makes for a good base for the biscuits.

Nutella Pops is easy to make, especially if you remember to add a little extra to make them more tempting. If you’re making your own, ensure you don’t skip the sugar, as this will make them less fattening.

Nutella Pops

Nutella Pops is great for Easter or for those special occasions when you want something extra special to eat. For instance, if you’re having a bridal shower, you could fill them with chocolate bars and wrap them in tin foil. Or, if you have a friend coming over who’s vegetarian, you could serve them a delicious vegetarian meal with a layer of Nutella on the bottom. As long as you take the extra effort to prepare them properly, the results will be worth it!

Chocolate covered nutella wafer is always a hit with children and adults. Add a nice sprinkling of chocolate or some nuts for even greater appeal. These treats can also go well with ice cream or cakes!

You can even serve Nutella on its own with other foods, such as fruit sorbets. If you’re not going to make Nutella pops, try putting a slice of dark chocolate in a waffle iron with some whipped cream.

Nutella Pops

It’s really easy to create Nutella treats, but the true taste is only known to those lucky enough to get to eat them. For best results, you should let the chocolate set completely before serving.

You can find a lot of recipes online for Nutella cookies and chocolate dipped nuts on the Internet. You can even try making your own Nutella cookies with a little sugar and eggs to replace the chocolate used in these recipes. You could also try making Nutella cookies in your very own food processor. You can also put some nuts in the chocolate syrup and mix it with sugar to make a good, homemade ice cream.

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